Surat Perpisahan Coutinho Untuk Liverpool

09-01-2018 05:53

 | Philippe Coutinho

Surat Perpisahan Coutinho Untuk Liverpool
Philippe Coutinho © AFP - Philippe Coutinho sudah resmi pindah ke Barcelona. Ia meninggalkan Liverpool dengan status sebagai pemain termahal di Barca dan La Liga, dengan nilai transfer mencapai 160 juta euro.

Coutinho sudah memaksakan transfer ini sejak musim panas lalu. Namun Liverpool menolak menuruti permintaan transfer sang gelandang meski Coutinho sudah memberontak, sampai pura-pura cedera dan menolak main.

Namun setelah transfernya tuntas, Coutinho mengirim pesan perpisahan lewat akun Instagram miliknya.

Since the moment I arrived in Liverpool , me and my family have been made to feel so welcome and have made so many friends. On the pitch and off the pitch, we have experienced the beauty of this club and its fans. In turn, I hope I have delivered memories and moments that have brought happiness to the Liverpool supporters. Moving to Liverpool, I knew the club’s greatness and history but what I did learn during my time was the unique heart and soul of the place. It has its own personality and character. I leave Liverpool because Barcelona is a dream for me. Liverpool was a dream that I was fortunate enough to realise and I have given five years of my life to it. A career on the pitch only lasts for so long and to play for Barcelona as well as Liverpool is something I want to experience and enjoy while I am blessed enough to be able to do so. I hope the supporters understand that choosing to experience something new is not about diminishing their importance to me or the club’s importance. Nothing will ever diminish that in my heart. I wish Jürgen and the team nothing but joy and success for the rest of this season and beyond. This is an amazing team and they are getting better and better all the time. There are too many people I want to thank, but I cannot name everyone individually. To all the amazing club staff who have been part of my life in Liverpool - I will miss you. To the owners, whom have tried so hard to bring success, and to the football recruitment staff for showing faith in me to bring me here and rewarding me during that journey, and to my incredible teammates, past and present, who have helped me grow and improve as a player and a person, I would like to say thank you to you all. Anything I have achieved here would not have been possible without you. And finally, to the most important people of Liverpool - the Liverpool supporters. I can never thank you enough for what you have given me during this time and no matter where I go in the world, for the rest of my life, I will always cherish Liverpool in my heart. You, the club and the city will always be a part of me. You’ll Never Walk Alone. Philippe.

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Berikut cuplikan beberapa ucapan Coutinho dalam surat perpisahannya itu: Sejak pertama saya datang ke Liverpool, saya dan keluarga saya sudah disambut dengan sangat baik dan saya pun memiliki banyak teman baru.

Di dalam maupun di luar lapangan, kami bersama-sama sudah merasakan keindahan klub ini dan fans-nya. Saya juga selalu berusaha untuk memberikan kenangan dan momen indah yang bisa memberikan kebahagiaan kepada semua pendukung Liverpool...

Saya meninggalkan Liverpool karena barcelona adalah mimpi saya. Liverpool juga mimpi yang sudah bisa saya wujudkan, saya berikan lima tahun hidup saya untuk klub ini... Saya harap suporter Liverpool mengerti keputusan saya yang ingin menjalani pengalaman baru, tanpa mengurangi arti penting Liverpool bagi saya.

Kepada seluruh suporter Liverpool, saya tak bisa cukup berterima kasih atas apa yang sudah kalian berikan kepada saya selama saya di Liverpool. Saya akan mengingatnya ke mana pun saya pergi, selama hidup saya. Saya akan selalu mendukung Liverpool di hati saya. Kalian para suporter, Klub Liverpool dan Kota Liverpool akan selalu menjadi bagian diri saya.

You'll Never Walk Alone.